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How to Find the Best Roofer

If you are looking for a reputable roofer, it is important for a homeowner to know how to find the best roofer.

Did you get 3 bids?

Did you get 3 bids? If you are not working with a roofing contractor with an insurance claim on your roof, such as wind damage or hail damage, it is always a good idea to receive 3 separate proposals. Learn as much as you can from each roofing company representative you speak with. Make sure you take time and make an informed decision. Pay really good attention to what each roofing company recommends, and what type of roofing materials they plan on installing.  Your roof protects your property, family, and belongings.  Do your due diligence and research!

How to find the best Roofer – Are you thinking of signing with the lowest bidder?

Are you thinking of signing with the lowest bidder? This is not always the most economical way out. If you choose the wrong company it could cost you headaches and more money in the long run. What use is a new roof if it leaks every time it rains? The lowest bid may be okay and be the company for you but consider this. Has the company clarified verbally and in writing what the exact final cost is, and that there are no hidden or additional extra costs involved. 

Also, make certain if you choose the lowest bidder that you check the materials they are using when they are delivered to your property. This way you do not get caught up with a company giving you a low bid to get the job and trying to make up profit by installing cheaper material.  Always have the manufacturer brand of roofing material they are stating they will install on your roof in your contract!  Are the roofing companies you are considering properly insured and registered?

How to find the best Roofer – Are the roofing companies you are considering properly insured and registered?

Make sure the roofing contractors you are choosing between have the proper credentials to work in the state you are in. Also, we all know insurance is very important.  Have the contractor you choose produce up to date insurance documents before beginning any work on your property. An out of date policy does not protect you!


How to find the best Roofer – Do you need a repair or full roof replacement?

Do you need a repair or a full roof replacement? This is very important. Make certain if you are getting a roof repair done that a full roof replacement wouldn’t be better and more cost effective, and  vice versa. There is a certain point a roof can still be repaired, and also a point when it is not repairable. Discuss with your contractor how much lifespan is left on the roof, if a roof is deteriorated to the point where it cannot be repaired correctly then it is time for a full replacement.


How to find the best Roofer – Have payment arrangements clearly been specified?

Have payment arrangements clearly been specified?  It is always a great idea to check your written agreement you have with the roofing company on what the exact payment arrangements are with what was verbally stated to you by the roofing sales rep. Never proceed without the verbal and written agreement matching up exactly!


How to find the best Roofer – When can the company start the roof?

When can the company start the roof? Find out when the roofing company can start the job, and how long they feel it will take to complete. Ask if there is anything you need to do on your end to get ready for the crew to install the roof. Such as, if you have a dog, if there is outside furniture that may need moved before the roof begins, etc. (FYI) cut the grass right before the roof is scheduled to be torn off so it is easier for the roofers to find nails and small debris that may have fallen from the roof.

 Remember, it is not a good idea to give the final payment for the roof until you have walked the job with your roofer, everything looks right to you, and the ground is cleaned up to your satisfaction. If you are there when the roof is completed tell your roofer to double check the driveway on the way out for any dropped nails. Your tires will thank you!


How to find the best Roofer – Will the roof be torn off down to the decking?

Will the roof be torn off down to the decking? If you are replacing the entire roof make sure your roofer is tearing off everything down to the decking. This way the decking can be inspected and any wood that needs replaced can be at this time. When installing a new roof it is imperative that the entire deck is structurally sound, so when installing the new roof material it can be fastened correctly.


How to find the best Roofer – What is the warranty on the material and labor?

What is the warranty on material and labor? Do not confuse these two. There is almost always a separate warranty for material and a separate warranty for labor. The manufacturer of the roofing material you choose to have installed will back the material warranty if it is installed correctly. The better the material is, usually the better the warranty. This covers things like abnormal discoloration in the material, or if there is early deterioration in the roofing product. If your new roof is leaking it is almost always an installation issue. This would fall under the labor warranty of the roofing company that installed your roof. Have the labor and material warranty in writing before you let any work begin, or before any deposit is given!


How to find the best Roofer – Are there any problem areas now that need special attention?

Are there any problem areas now that need special attention? Sometimes when replacing a roof because certain areas are leaking or not shedding water correctly it is important to have that addressed. Talk with your roofer on what they plan to do about it. What is the plan of action when installing the new roof that is going to prevent this from happening again? Have the remedy in writing and if it is included in the price you were given to install the roof. You do not want to install a new roof and have the same leaks, or issues arise that led you to the decision to get a new roof in the first place!


How to find the best Roofer – Does the company you are considering have good references?

Does the company you are considering have good references? Anyone can tell you that they are the company that you want to install your roof. But, are they really the best roofing company for you. If you are in need of a roof repair or a new roof replacement, get solid references from the company you choose. Do your research, ask if they put roofs on anywhere near or in your neighborhood, and what the addresses are.

A good and reputable roofing company will not hesitate to give you references of past happy clients. And happy clients will not hesitate to give a roofing company that did great work a good referral.  My name is Charles Goss and hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision the next time you are looking for a good roofer. Your Local Roofing Company (704) 441-0413 is a Charlotte roofing company that services both commercial and residential clients.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Watch our how to find the best roofer video on You tube.  You can check us out on the BBB! You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there!ContactUs-1 How to Find the Best Roofer - Find Top Roof Companies


Home Maintenance Checklist – Homeowner Tips

A must have is a home maintenance checklist. Do you make it a priority to regularly maintain your home or do you wait for the other shoe to drop before reacting? I have been in both places. With having children that have allergies, I have made it a priority to maintain our home for their health and it has made a huge difference. Not only does my child feel better, but it saves money by not having to make extra doctor trips.

A home maintenance checklist is more than just a list. It is a plan to safeguard the very things that you value the most. By protecting your home, you are protecting the ones you love and your possessions that you worked very hard to obtain. If you haven’t thought of having a plan to maintain your home, it would be a good time to do so.

If you are on a budget there are ways that you can save money by doing things yourself. There may be times you may need to call for some assistance if you are pressed for time and skill to adequately do the job. Always remember to use safety when inspecting your home. 

Home Maintenance – Protect Your Home

Areas to inspect should include your yard, the exterior of your home, roof, basement, crawlspace, appliances, plumbing, fixtures, interior walls, ceilings, windows, doors, electrical equipment, garage, HVAC equipment, and attic.

By using a home maintenance checklist you will have something to refer back to, as well as possibly saving you money if you find damage early on and take care of it so you can repair the problem and not have to have complete replacements.

Having a healthy home environment for your family can not only protect your possessions, but it can also protect your health. You want to make sure that your home is dry, well-ventilated, and free from contaminants, safe, and pest free. It can prevent illnesses, and reduce injuries for you and your family. It is better to think about these things now instead of waiting until it becomes a major problem leaving you even more stressed than need be.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check us out on the BBB! You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there!

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                           Save Money Saving Energy at Home 

Are you looking for ways to save money saving energy at home? Maybe to save for that family vacation, buy a newer car, save more for your children’s education, or put money away for your retirement. By saving a few dollars here and there over time is a lot easier than coming out of pocket with a lump sum, right?! Here are 15 tips to help you not only by saving energy at home, but will save you money now. Over time, this can add up to a lot of savings for your household to put your money where you choose.

15 Ways to Save Money by

 Saving Energy at Home

1. Covering Drafts under your Door – This is very easy, many roll up towels and put them in front of the door. If you don’t want that unsightly look you can also purchase door frame weather stripping. Some are magnetic, as well as just putting them under the door that keep the drafts out from either side of the door.

2. Changing your Furnace Filters – Changing your furnace filters regularly not only provides cleaner air, but it also saves energy at home. You can buy the disposable filters or you can purchase filters you reuse to save you extra money. You can spray them off, let them dry, and you are good to go.

3. Run your Fans in Reverse – By running your fans in reverse in the winter you can circulate the warm air that rises to the ceiling keeping your house warmer.

4. Turn Down your Water Heater – Turning down your water heater can not only help with not drying out your skin as much, but can also save energy at home as well.

5. Install Storm Windows and Doors – This is obviously more costly, but worth it over the long run. If at this time you wouldn’t be able to do this, you can also benefit from the next money and energy saving tip.

6. Install Plastic Window Insulation – During the colder months if you don’t have storm windows and doors, this is a great investment of your time as well as purchasing the plastic window insulation kits. I usually purchase the ones that use a hair dryer to make sure it is sealed closing out all drafts.

7. Turn Down your Thermostat – By turning down your thermostat at nighttime as well as when you are not at home not only makes a difference, but most don’t even notice the change. If you need to, just use an extra blanket at nighttime or wear warmer clothing, which brings me to the next tip. One of the best ways to save money saving energy at home.

8. Put on Warmer Clothing – By even turning down your thermostat a few degrees while at home, put on warmer clothing. Wearing an extra sweater or sweatshirt can take the chill away, and then just take it off if you get to warm.

9. Use Caulking and Weather stripping – If you have some windows that are bringing in drafts, purchase some caulking and seal them to be sure there are no drafts coming in that way.

10. Plug Electronics in a Power strip – Not only are you keep your electronics save, you won’t have to continuously plug and unplug your electronics. Just remember to turn off the power switch for the extra savings.

11. Wash Laundry in Cold Water – There are many laundry detergents that now are used to wash with cold water. If the clothes are not soiled that much I just used the cold water setting normally, and then as needed I use the warm or hot setting.

12. Shorten the Length of your Showers – Not only can you save on your electric by shortening the length of your showers, you can also save on your water bills as well.

13. Avoid Over Drying your Clothes – Remember to remove your clothes from the dryer when they are dry. By letting them dry and not taking them out can cause your clothes to get wrinkly. Many people tend to just turn it back on to get the wrinkles out that can eat up even more energy. Learning any new ideas so far? All of these are wonderful ways to save money saving energy at home. 

14. Air Dry Clothes – If at all possible not only will it save on the lifespan of your clothing, but it also saves energy. In the summer time, you can hang them outside to dry, or if it is winter you can also air dry them on a laundry rack as well. Many times, I will just hang them on hangers on my laundry rack to save space.

15. Let your Dishwasher Air Dry – When your dishes are being washed the water is very hot sterilizing them, and if you leave them in your dishwasher a little while longer, they will dry on there own. Use these 15 tips to get you started in saving energy at home, and gradually add more for even greater savings. All of these are great ways to save money saving energy at home. Any questions feel free to give Your Local Roofing Company a call at (704) 441-0413.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check out Your Local Roofing Company on the BBB. You can also check us out on Facebook with more ideas to save money saving energy at home or ask a question there!

Roofing-Questions Save Money Saving Energy at Home


Flat Roofing Contractors

There is No Room for Error for Flat Roofing Contractors!

It takes a great roofing company to be at the top of the list of flat roofing contractors and this is why we remain at the top. Our crews stay up to date on new commercial roofing specs, and also on safety precautions.  It is of the utmost importance to apply a commercial flat roof the correct way.  Being that a flat roof holds a lot of water when it rains, every single aspect of the roof must be installed correctly and be in proper working  order. There is NO room for error.  This is where our commercial roofing crews excel, and it shows in every roof job that we do.

We Take Safety Measures Seriously

Just as important, as applying your commercial roof correctly,  is to take safety measures seriously.  Our crews have weekly classes on safety, to keep them sharp and focused on it. Our roof company believes  safety is a part of roofing that at all times, must be of high importance.

We Go the Extra Mile for our Customers

As one of the best flat roofing contractors in the area we set a higher standard in customer satisfaction. We know it is not only our great commercial roofing crews that keep are roofing company running smoothly, but also the property owners that hire our company to do the work. We go the extra mile for our customers and that has been relayed many times from a property owner that we have done work for,  to some of their friends and family that needed roof work done to.  We make it a priority to treat our customers with a great deal of respect and high regard.

Existing Claim or Denied Claim?  We Can Help!

Our roofing company has more benefits than this though.  We also have a great inside staff that can help you if you have a roof claim. Weather you have an existing claim open, a denied roof claim or have a building in an area that has storm damage, we can help.  We have some of the best staffing in the roofing business, and they are here at your disposal.

We Find the Leaks

Another reason we stay in  the main stream line as one of the best flat roofing contractors in the area is our ability to find leaks on commercial roofs.  We give 110% on every roof call we go on. So you know you are going to get the best service you can possibly receive from a roofing company when you call upon us for any of your roofing needs.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Check us out on the BBB. You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us today for your Flat Roofing Needs!



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By Charles Goss




Get your Emergency Roof Tarp Today

at No Cost to You!

                                          Need an Emergency Roof Tarp? In trying times like these, you may be thinking…..

“How do I know what company to use?” 

“What can I do temporarily until I get the damage fixed?”

“Is the contractor local and licensed?”

“How do I know what products to use?”

blue-tarped-roof Emergency Roof Tarps“Is there a warranty on the service and products?”

“Can I get an emergency tarp to temporarily fix the damage?”

Roofing-Questions-300x107 Emergency Roof Tarps

These are all valid, and legitimate questions!

As a homeowner, you want to make sure you are using a licensed, locally owned and operated roofing contractor that will be by your side even after you get your roof replaced, that will offer you a warranty, and that will assist you in stopping any further damage to your roof with an emergency roof tarp.

Here, we are providing temporary emergency roof tarps to property owners and putting them in place to prevent any further damages. There is no charge for this service to you!

We are a locally, owned and operated roofing company that is fully licensed and insured.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and can assist every step of the way with your roofing project. There are certain times that it is very important to decide whether or not to have a tarp installed. Sometimes it will help prevent further interior damages. It is also required sometimes by insurance companies if you know the roof is causing damages inside the home. We can help that. For further details, contact us today for your emergency roof tarp!

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check out Your Local Roofing Company on the BBB. You can also check us out on Facebook with more ideas to save money saving energy at home or ask a question there!


ContactUs-1 Emergency Roof Tarps


By Charles Goss


How to Find Local Roofers in your Area!

Have you been struggling to find local roofers in your area that are reputable, and provide exceptional service? Do you turn to the YellowPages and randomly pick a contractor? How do you stop further damage to your property after storm damage has occurred? Let us help you with that.

If you have been affected by the recent storms that are happening more and more frequently you should choose a contractor that has experience in storm damage that can temporarily stop further damage from occurring. There are licensed roofers available 24 hours a day to tarp your roof, and help you get your roof replacement or repair completed within the next crucial weeks.

Local Roofing Contractors in Your Area

Trying to find local roofers in you area is not as difficult as it seems.  The steps to take are as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. How much experience does the roofing contractor have in castastrophic restoration? If a contractor you are looking into does not know the policies or procedures on how to work with your insurance company and help get you a replacement or repair for your storm damaged roof you should not be using them.
  2. Do they take the money up front?  This is always a RED FLAG! Don’t ever use a contractor that makes you pay any deposits before going over every final detail of what will be done. It is always good to have them show you samples of the material they will be using as well. A qualified roofing contractor will explain different options that are best suited for you.
  3. Is the company willing to stop further damage and tarp your property? If your recommended roofer is not willing to stop any further damages to your property and wait weeks to get your roof replaced or repaired they are not looking out for your best interests.

Local Roofing Contractors in Your Area

Ask yourself these 3 questions when trying to find local roofers in your area! Most people will ask are they credible, reputable, and have great customer service. They are all great questions and are a given. As a property owner you should take it a step further and make sure everything is able to be completed right the first time. Ask your potential roofing contractor the few extra questions you need to and you will be well on your way to a great new roof!

Contact Your Local Roofing Company today to get your free consultation, or emergency tarp for your property.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business that is at your service. You can check our great roofing company out on the BBB!  You can also check us out on Facebook and even ask a question there!

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By Charles Goss


How to Distinguish if your Roof Damage is caused

 by the Recent Storm

In order to look for roof damage, the first step is knowing what to do with regards to hail storm damage. Depending on the diameter of the hail, the roof damage may be fairly obvious with larger size hailstone or difficult to tell with smaller size hail.  If you just receive wind damage, it is a little more obvious.  There can also be shingles that are not blown off, and can be a lot of not so easy to see damage that over time can let water into your structure.

The second step is to find a ladder which has adequate height for climbing up to the roof.

The third step is to bring a camera. When the hail stones have a diameter greater than two inches, the roof damage will be easily visible. When the hail stones have a diameter of less than two inches but greater than one inch, the damage to the roof will be fairly evident especially on the shingles and soft metallic surfaces.

The soft metallic surfaces are the most vulnerable aspect of the roof system that is vulnerable to hail damage. Areas such as roof ventilation enclosures, skylight enclosures and flashing are the most susceptible to hail damage, especially when the size of the hail are between a quarter and a golf ball.

The ridge surfaces are most vulnerable to hail damage. Since the ridges are elevated from the other aspects of the roof system, they are likely to receive the hardest hits from hail. The primary damage from a hail event on a roofing system are the following:

Surface Damage

The roofing shingles may have received hits from the hail during the hail event. These roofing shingles will demonstrate a black layer of asphalt that is shown. Recent hail damage will demonstrate the asphalt layer underneath as fresh. Take pictures of the roof damage and seek insurance claim assistance.


The roofing shingle may develop pits and dents on it surface. While this may not be a cause for immediate alarm, this damage will significantly shorten the life of the roofing shingle (Morrison, n.d.).


When the hail particles carry enough impact, there may be some shattering of the roofing shingle around the impact area of the hail particle. This may appear as a crater on the surface of the roofing shingle. Take pictures, seek insurance claim assistance and you may wish to consider future roof replacement (Morrision, n.d.).

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check out Your Local Roofing Company on the BBB. You can also check us out on Facebook with more ideas to save money saving energy at home or ask a question there!

ContactUs-1 Roof Damage that is caused by the Recent Hail Storm

By Charles Goss


How to Minimize Commercial Flat Roof Storm Damage

A wind and/or hail event occurred at the worst time, you may have commercial flat roof damage. What next? It is a possibility that you will need a new roof now sooner than later. Below are a list of options for commercial flat roof replacements. The types of roofing that should be considered as a replacement are the following:

Aggregated Membrane Roofing

This type of roofing is known as tar and gravel. In addition to the accumulated membrane tar and gravel roofing, there is APP and SBS. With the addition of these commercial flat roofing materials, the tar and gravel roofing can be installed in the most cost effective an energy efficient manner. There is also a similar system which is only slightly different which is a torchdown system. A modified roofing system is an excellent system to install. It is one of the easier systems to maintain. It is cost effective as well. A flat roof can pond water with this type of roof and not harm it.

Polyvinyl Chloride Commercial Flat Roofing

PVC roofs are an energy saving option for commercial flat roofing. PVC Commercial flat roofing is very popular because it complies with the toughest building standards and is adaptable in a variety of climactic conditions.

Thermoplastic Membrane Commercial Flat Roofing

The thermoplastic membrane commercial flat roofing option is designed to save energy and to help your business operate in a more energy efficient manner. This type of commercial flat roofing is preferred in warmer climates because it reflects heat and UltraViolet rays because it reflects heat and lowers cooling costs. With this type of roof system reflecting so much heat it makes the material durable for years. This helps minimize commercial flat roof damage. Which in turn will keep your repair costs down over the years.

Cement Tiling

This type of roofing is the strongest and most durable. The cement tiling roofing system is adapted with water proofing and a fitted plate system. The Cement Tiling commercial flat roofing system is designed for optimum durability on a commercial building an will endure for decades of worry free service. This is another durable roofing option that will minimize losses due to hail damage.

Stone Covered Steel

This is a galvanized steel plate commercial flat roofing system that is covered with stone to make it last longer. The Stone Covered steel plating commercial flat roofing system is an option for commercial business people who are looking to minimize losses from hail damage. The best advice is to contact a roofing professional for assistance in selecting the right commercial roofing system for minimizing denied insurance claims due to storm damage.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Check us out on the BBB. You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there!

ContactUs-1 How to Minimize Commercial Flat Roof Storm Damage


By Charles Goss


Top rated Charlotte roofing contractor – Contact us Today

If you are looking for a top rated Charlotte roofing contractor for roof replacement you have come to the right place! Your Charlotte Roofers of choice, can assist you from start to finish with your roof installation. In addition, our team can guide you through the insurance claims process if you have a roof claim from storm damage. We have been one of the areas best contractors since 2012.

In addition, your local Charlotte roofing team offers the expertise of our field supervisors and inspectors. They oversee each roofing, siding, and gutter job to assure quality work. When all your construction work is completed, the property owner receives all the necessary documentation pertaining to the project. Your #1 Charlotte roofing contractor pays attention to details.

Also, as your top rated Charlotte roofing contractor we offer the best in Insurance Restoration Services in the Carolinas. We are the #1 choice of all local contractors. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Professional and Timely – Top Rated Charlotte Roofing Contractor

When disaster strikes, your Charlotte roofing contractor is the link between you and the insurance company. We are also the link between you the property owner and total satisfaction.  We do this for all your commercial roofing, residential roofing, siding, and gutter needs.

As your Charlotte roofing contractor, we minimize business interruptions by quickly analyzing if there is a problem. We provide a professional assessment of the damage, then determine the service needed for complete restoration if needed. In addition, we will review the scope of loss that pertains to your project with your adjuster to ensure all damages are covered.
Finally, our North Carolina and South Carolina roofing division will complete your job in a professional and timely manner. This ensures total customer satisfaction. In addition, this also solidifies our customer base and allows you to feel comfortable to refer Your top rated Charlotte Roofing contractor to your friends and family.
We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check us out on the BBB!
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By Charles Goss


Free Hail Damage Assessment – Call Today

We are the top rated local roofing company and are offering you a free hail damage assessment. Simply give us a call today. There are other premier local roofing companies in the area, but what makes us the best of the roofing contractors of choice is the following:

1.  All of our roofing company staff treat our customers with great service and respect. We know it is our phenomenal customers that make our company so great and we try to reflect on that thought in every interaction that we have with you. Matter of fact we want you to be so thrilled with our local roofing company and our service that you can’t but help tell all of your friends and family about us! We do a lot of business off of referrals and are very proud of that fact. If you think you may have hail damage give us a call. One of our reps can offer you a free hail damage assessment to check your property for any hail damages.

2.  We are your hometown Charlotte roofing contractors. We specialize in Residential roofing, Commercial roofing, and also Insurance claims help. We offer a free hail damage assessment and/or estimate.
3.  Our roof repair division is excellent in the residential and commercial roof repair field.
4.  This local roofing company stands out as far as commercial roofing contractors go. Our roofing company is hands down one of the most skilled and knowledgeable in the roofing trade.
5. Our local roofers have pride in the fact that they want to keep being one of the premier residential /commercial roofing companies in the area. So if you think you may have hail damage give us a call today. Get your free hail damage assessment from the best.


So if you are looking to have shingles or a flat roof installed on your home or building, then look no further. We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business.  Check out our Charlotte insurance claims assistance process on the BBB! You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there!

ContactUs-1 Free Hail Damage Assessment | Roof Repair Estimate

By Charles Goss