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Roof Damage that is caused by the Recent Hail Storm

How to Distinguish if your Roof Damage is caused

 by the Recent Storm

In order to look for roof damage, the first step is knowing what to do with regards to hail storm damage. Depending on the diameter of the hail, the roof damage may be fairly obvious with larger size hailstone or difficult to tell with smaller size hail.  If you just receive wind damage, it is a little more obvious.  There can also be shingles that are not blown off, and can be a lot of not so easy to see damage that over time can let water into your structure.

The second step is to find a ladder which has adequate height for climbing up to the roof.

The third step is to bring a camera. When the hail stones have a diameter greater than two inches, the roof damage will be easily visible. When the hail stones have a diameter of less than two inches but greater than one inch, the damage to the roof will be fairly evident especially on the shingles and soft metallic surfaces.

The soft metallic surfaces are the most vulnerable aspect of the roof system that is vulnerable to hail damage. Areas such as roof ventilation enclosures, skylight enclosures and flashing are the most susceptible to hail damage, especially when the size of the hail are between a quarter and a golf ball.

The ridge surfaces are most vulnerable to hail damage. Since the ridges are elevated from the other aspects of the roof system, they are likely to receive the hardest hits from hail. The primary damage from a hail event on a roofing system are the following:

Surface Damage

The roofing shingles may have received hits from the hail during the hail event. These roofing shingles will demonstrate a black layer of asphalt that is shown. Recent hail damage will demonstrate the asphalt layer underneath as fresh. Take pictures of the roof damage and seek insurance claim assistance.


The roofing shingle may develop pits and dents on it surface. While this may not be a cause for immediate alarm, this damage will significantly shorten the life of the roofing shingle (Morrison, n.d.).


When the hail particles carry enough impact, there may be some shattering of the roofing shingle around the impact area of the hail particle. This may appear as a crater on the surface of the roofing shingle. Take pictures, seek insurance claim assistance and you may wish to consider future roof replacement (Morrision, n.d.).

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By Charles Goss

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