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How to Minimize Commercial Flat Roof Storm Damage

How to Minimize Commercial Flat Roof Storm Damage

A wind and/or hail event occurred at the worst time, you may have commercial flat roof damage. What next? It is a possibility that you will need a new roof now sooner than later. Below are a list of options for commercial flat roof replacements. The types of roofing that should be considered as a replacement are the following:

Aggregated Membrane Roofing

This type of roofing is known as tar and gravel. In addition to the accumulated membrane tar and gravel roofing, there is APP and SBS. With the addition of these commercial flat roofing materials, the tar and gravel roofing can be installed in the most cost effective an energy efficient manner. There is also a similar system which is only slightly different which is a torchdown system. A modified roofing system is an excellent system to install. It is one of the easier systems to maintain. It is cost effective as well. A flat roof can pond water with this type of roof and not harm it.

Polyvinyl Chloride Commercial Flat Roofing

PVC roofs are an energy saving option for commercial flat roofing. PVC Commercial flat roofing is very popular because it complies with the toughest building standards and is adaptable in a variety of climactic conditions.

Thermoplastic Membrane Commercial Flat Roofing

The thermoplastic membrane commercial flat roofing option is designed to save energy and to help your business operate in a more energy efficient manner. This type of commercial flat roofing is preferred in warmer climates because it reflects heat and UltraViolet rays because it reflects heat and lowers cooling costs. With this type of roof system reflecting so much heat it makes the material durable for years. This helps minimize commercial flat roof damage. Which in turn will keep your repair costs down over the years.

Cement Tiling

This type of roofing is the strongest and most durable. The cement tiling roofing system is adapted with water proofing and a fitted plate system. The Cement Tiling commercial flat roofing system is designed for optimum durability on a commercial building an will endure for decades of worry free service. This is another durable roofing option that will minimize losses due to hail damage.

Stone Covered Steel

This is a galvanized steel plate commercial flat roofing system that is covered with stone to make it last longer. The Stone Covered steel plating commercial flat roofing system is an option for commercial business people who are looking to minimize losses from hail damage. The best advice is to contact a roofing professional for assistance in selecting the right commercial roofing system for minimizing denied insurance claims due to storm damage.

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By Charles Goss

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