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Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – NC Roof

Find out how the Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process Works Today

  • Free storm damage inspection
  • Simply contact your insurance company
  • Will meet with your adjuster
  • Will help with insurance the paperwork
  • Release forms for mortgage company
  • Restoration experts
  • No upfront out of pocket payments

Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – Free storm damage inspection

 Our Charlotte insurance claims assistance process has a proven track record with thousands of local property owners. In addition if you need our assistance we can assign you one of our trained Project Managers. That manager will complete a thorough hail and wind damage assessment of your property for you. Then we will document this in writing and with pictures. Your Local Roofing Company will present to you a copy of these at no charge. This professional documentation will help with getting your roof approved. Furthermore, our Charlotte roofing company has thousands of adjuster meeting under its belt. You have our entire staff at your disposal if needed to help with your roof approval.

Charlotte Roof Claims- Simply contact your insurance company

 If there is damage to your property we can help contact your insurance company with you. Then we will let them know you would like an adjuster to inspect the damages to your property. After that your insurance company will assign you a claim number for you to keep on file and to provide to your Project Manager. This is the claim number you will reference throughout the roof claim process. Our Charlotte insurance claims assistance process will work for you as well.

Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – Meet with your adjuster

 Your Project Manager with your permission can be present during the assessment to your property. We have a lot of expertise in this field and have been present at thousands of adjuster meetings. After the inspection your adjuster will submit the report to the insurance company.

Charlotte Roof Claims Help – Insurance Paperwork

 The insurance company will send you a summary report detailing the scope of damages. When the report is processed we will go over it with you. Your Project Manager will sit down and review the insurance summary with you. This ensures you will have a full understanding of the work to be completed. At this point we will know exactly what is approved. It will show what was approved and for what amount. At this stage it lets us begin the work process.

Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – Funds Release from Mortgage Company

 If there is a mortgage on your property it is very common for insurance companies to include on the insurance check both the property owner and the mortgage company.  Your Project Manager can assist in contacting the mortgage company. There is a certain process they require to sign off on the funds. We help provide all proof and documentation that the repairs are being completed correctly. They also request to have the contractor send an affidavit and a conditional waiver of lien. This will expedite the process of getting the insurance funds released back to you the property owner.

Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – Restoration Experts

 We are your Charlotte roof claims specialists. We can restore your home back to pre-storm condition in a timely manner per the specifications of your insurance scope of loss. Our Charlotte roofing team is very good at what they do, and we are ready to prove it to you.

Charlotte Insurance Claims Assistance Process – Payment and Warranty

Your Local Roofing Company does not require any upfront deposits out of pocket. We will work with insurance proceeds that is sent from the roof claim. This eliminates financial risk to you the property owner. Your Project Manager will collect final payment upon completion of each trade. This will be done when the insurance company releases depreciation funds. “Warranty” and “Paid in Full” documentation will be given to you upon processing final payment.

 The Charlotte insurance claims assistance process is not difficult when you have project managers assisting you. We can answer any questions you may have. Our team has handled thousands of claims with many satisfied customers. Your roof is very important to the safety of you and your family. It also protects your belongings as well. By us knowing the Charlotte insurance claims assistance process you have a knowledgeable expert working side-by-side with you. With us you have the piece of mind of knowing your roof is repaired right the first time.

We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Check out our Charlotte insurance claims assistance process on the BBB! You can also check us out on Facebook and ask a question there!

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